Dear Former PC/Korea Volunteers and Staff:

Plans for the 40th anniversary October celebration/reunion in Seoul are slowly coming together.
We have been working with Mrs. Janet Hyo Bum Lee of Sharp Travel in Manhandle, Virginia (703-941-2323), to plan travel dates, etc. So far the celebration looks like this:

  • Tue, Oct. 10 - depart from L.A., S.F. Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Honolulu, N.Y., or Washington;
  • Wed, Oct. 11 - arrive Seoul via Korean Air in evening;
  • Thu, Oct. 12 - together in Seoul with opening evening reception (possibly at American Embassy);
  • Fri, Oct. 13 [!] - evening banquet (possibly hosted by;
  • Sat, Oct. 14 -end of reunion activities in Seoul;
  • Sun, Oct. 15 - depart for home or on 5-day land tour (Cheju-do, Pusan, Kyongju/Taegu, Mt. Sorak, and return to Seoul Fri, Oct. 20 evening).

Cost will depend on number of participants and whether governments will sponsor events (which depends on number of participants).  Travel and hotel will be around $1,400-$1,600 for the basic reunion.  Land tour will be slightly more.  We will get you the cost figures as soon as we get them from Sharp.

In the meantime, please forward this email to all former PC/K people and copy me, so we can get a master list together.  Let me know if you are interested. We will need to finalize plans by mid-August.  Also, we need a RPCV in Seoul to help with on site arrangements, so if you know anyone who is in Seoul, please let me know.

Thanks.  Hope you can be there to join the fun!